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The Archaeology of the Lower Muskogee Creek Indians (1715-1836)

Thomas Foster, synthesized archaeological data that has been collected over decades on the Muskogee Creek Indian sites along the Chattahoochee and Flint River watersheds.   This book summarizes all known archaeological sites into a single volume.  The Muskogee Indians were and continue to be a diverse people having a profound influence on the development of the southeastern United States especially during the historic period (circa 1540-1836). Our knowledge of those cultures is limited to what we can learn from their descendants and from archaeological and historical sources.  Synthesizing archaeological research at all known Lower Muskogee Creek sites, this volume is the first published comprehensive archaeological investigation of the diversity of the people referred to as the Muskogee (Maskókî) Creek Indians who lived along the Lower Chattahoochee and Flint River watersheds of southeastern North America.

 The book combines diverse research strategies, including historic documents, and used extensive archaeological investigations in order to more accurately pinpoint town locations discussed in the literature and reported in contemporary Creek oral histories. By including all known archaeological sites, this volume synthesizes the archaeological diversity and variation within the Lower Creek Indians between 1715 and 1836. The research segregates out the variation between Lower Creek Indian towns through a regional and direct historic approach. Consequently, he is able to discern the unique differences between individual Creek Indian towns. The book argue that the study of Creek Indian history should be at the level of towns instead of archaeological phases and that there is significant continuity between the culture of the Historic Period Indians and the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Indians.  The book is available from the
University of Alabama Press.


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